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Om Ninetone Nation


Ninetone Nation är ett bolag som jobbar med artistbokning och liveproduktion.
Vår verksamhet omfattar all slags livemusik – från små klubbspelningar till riksomfattande turnéer och fullstora koncertkoncept i egen regi.

Ninetone Nation har sitt huvudkontor i Sundsvall och en filial i Stockholm. Bolaget verkar först och främst i Norden och har väl inarbetade internationella relationer för
arrangemang och bokningar världen över.

Om Ninetone Group


Company / Ninetone Group

Swedish record label Ninetone Records was founded back in 2006 by music producer Patrik Frisk. The Sundsvall-based label works with and manages some of the biggest names on the Swedish market, like YOHIO the 17-year-old guitarist and singer who recently made a very successful solo debut in Japan. Corroded, one of the most played bands on Swedens rock radio. Entombed, Rabih & many more. Working together with the Ninetone team the company grew fast into becoming one of Swedens biggest independent music labels. Ninetone Records is distributed by Universal Music in the Nordic Territory and by Membran GMbH in GSA/US.

In June 2010, Ninetone Records kicked off a new booking & management division, Ninetone Nation. Ninetone Nation’s main focus will be long-term artist career strategies, developing artist brands in today’s digital world and making sure our artist always on the road.

Late 2012 the company decided to expand its rooster and start 2 new sub labels, Ninetone POP and Ninetone Dance. Focusing on todays music It’s mainly important to be able to release high quality music. This basically means we are able to release every genre of music. No matter if it’s rock, pop or dance music. If we love it, we release it.

Kontakta Oss

Ninetone Nation

Besöksadress Sundsvall:
Köpmangatan 9b
852 31 Sundsvall


Office: +46 70 342 12 76


Head Of Live / Management:
Tommy Rehn


Booking Agent:
Jean-Pierre Marques
+46 76 8000 550


Booking Agent:
Joakim Daif
+46 72 20 17 006


Booking Agent:
Tommy Bäckström
+46 70 307 35 55


Booking Agent:
Birk Frisk
+46 70 236 76 85